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About me

Hi, I'm Josef (or just Joe) and I've been interested in computers, technology and everything related since I've been a little kid. After school I got to pursue that more by getting into an apprenticeship as IT sysadmin in an internal IT department of a mid sized company. Thanks to a coworker there I soon discovered my love for Linux and generally the inner workings of the technology we use every day.

Fast forward to 2018 and I rented my own server and am now trying to understand and run everything there I need for my personal use.

About this blog

On this blog I will try to understandably write about all the projects I took on in order to get where I am now with my server and maybe other things. This is not only for others to read about what and how I'm doing things, but also for me to use as a practice of writing detailed and structured posts.

About the projects

This can really be anything that I will ever come up, but I'll mainly focus on Linux, Linux containers and any kind of software I run on there.


All the things I describe here are only for my personal use and I am not responsible for anything if you follow any of these descritptions of my projects yourself. Read up on the topics yourself, get comfortable with the subject yourself, think for yourself.